Sonolope App | Creating 3D Soundscapes

The Sonolope app can be downloaded onto your personal device and when held or fixed onto the body, the app directly connects your body movements to a specific series of sounds.

For example if you produced a stacatto kicking motion with your left leg, the mobile device would register your movement and simultaneously produces a sound effect to match. If you move in a sustained fluid motion, the sound produced with have a more legato quality.

I wonder if this could be used to lead blind performers through a movement series.

If two devices were attuned to the same sounds when choreographing a movement sequence, the legato and staccato sounds would determine the dynamic quality of the movement and the spacial orientation on the device and could help align them in space.

By attempting to match someone else’s audible rhythm using this app, there could be potential improvements in unison work and help build strong connections in space.


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