Physical Actor Training: an online A-Z

The ‘Physical Actor Training – an online A-Z’ project was a two year Leverhulme Trust funded project, published by Methuen Drama Bloomsbury on in July 2018.

The project comprises of over 60 films, with audio commentaries, onscreen text and basic animation which captures the approaches of actor trainers Professor Paul Allain and Professor Frank Camilleri working with 6 trainees at The University of Kent.

The terms explored range from Acrobatics, through Breath, Craft, Dynamics etc to Zoning Out. Each film is constructed in a specifically tailored way that allows the viewer to see, hear and learn more about the training from a variety of different perspectives. Techniques used include GoPro footage taken from the performer’s body, onscreen animation, voiceover recordings of the trainers/trainees reflecting on what is happening on screen and a range of shooting approaches.

The films reveal a non-didactic approach to training in which we experience the trainees both failing and succeeding, affording new insights into the process of learning and training. The A-Z of films can be viewed in any order, anywhere and aim to act as a key supportive resource for foundational trainees, practitioners and facilitators.

View some of the films here.

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