Digital Technology for Performing Arts Education – PhD Research

This page is dedicated to the PhD research of Stacie Lee Bennett-Worth.

The research is looking specifically at the role digital creativity in performing arts education. Focusing on 16-18 year old students studying for a formal qualification, the research will encourage innovation and deeper exploration in performance and more broadly aims to address the shortfall in digital performance creativity in pre-he students. 

There isn’t a defining pedagogic framework that incorporates digital technology as a tool for creative exploration or teaching in performing arts and I am currently investigating what the role of digital creativity is, in performing arts education now and aiming to develop a workshop series exploring this.

I would like to develop prototypes towards a digital toolkit/resource that enhances engagement and creativity in performing arts that moves beyond technology as an ‘add on’ and towards exploration that draws on the creative potential of everyday/accessible technologies.  

Examples may include:

  • Developing narratives through digital storytelling
  • Building character profiles using social media apps
  • Developing devised theatre in a digital studio (live feed, audio amplification, video manipulation tools)
  • Audience intervention (whatssap/telematic performance/online performance – page to skype?)

With the decline of student intake in arts, design and performance subjects at all levels in the past decade and the fact that there is little to no mention of harnessing digital skills/creativity in performing arts education in the newly launched BTEC programmes but there is particular emphasis on industry skills, I hope to identify new frameworks for innovation, participation and creativity in performing arts education. 

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