Digital tools | Dance pro tool + dance spaces

As part of the EU funded Europeana Space project (ESpace), C-DaRE held  a digital dance day, showcasing two recently developed digital tools for dance practice and scholarship which Stacie attended.

The aim of the Europeana Space project (2014-2017) was to create new opportunities for employment and economic growth within the creative industries sector, based on Europe’s rich digital cultural resources.

ESpace examined the creative reuse of cultural heritage across a range of art and media forms. As part of the project, researchers at C-DaRE have teamed up with partners from New University Lisbon and IN2 to develop two digital tools to facilitate and encourage creative engagement with digital dance content.

Dance Pro is a digital annotation tool, which allows users to inscribe on top of live stream and recorded footage. It is designed for use during and after the creative process, allowing artists to notate their work and draw attention to key features. The tool allows for aspects of choreographic thinking to be communicated across disciplines and has great potential for use in educational contexts.

This tool could be used by teachers to give quick feedback on studio sessions, drawing basic animation to mark correction points and then text notes can be added at specific times to explain the correction further. Using live or pre-recorded video, the annotations section could be used as a tool for reflection for students and with a built in split screen function, it could be used to see two performances simultaneously which might be useful for learning choreography or for example with GCSE set study.

Dance Spaces is an online portal that allows users to search, collate and organise dance content. It facilitates the development of virtual exhibitions, specialist educational resources, and expansive collections of online and personal content.

In the session, we explored adding material to the portal and utilising exsiting material to generate ideas. This has great potential as a choreographic tool/ general creative stimulus and it means that all of the great ideas that you discard of during the creative process could potantially have a life in someone else’s work.

Unfortunately since this event, the tools have not been developed further and are still not available in the public sphere due to funding restrictions. I think access to the dance pro tool in its BETA state is however available.


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