The Filmic A-Z

The filmic A-Z is a parallel lexicon being developed by project research associate and filmmaker Stacie Lee Bennett.

The filmic A-Z is a practical approach to the film techniques required for digitally documenting and publishing both Professor Paul Allain and Professor Frank Camilleri’s methods of Physical Actor Training. This work highlights the specific camera techniques used for capturing Physical Acting and aims to showcase the synergy between the physical aspects of movement and film.

Through flexible articulation of the camera and and post-production manipulation this research serves to enhance the understanding of Physical Actor Training and provide an intimate but widely accessible account of the experience of these methods of training.

This summer, Stacie was awarded the De Montfort University Graduate School PhD Scholarship for Arts, Design and Humanities and will commence her PhD programme researching ‘Creative Digital Technology for Performing Arts Education’ in January 2018. She hopes to develop the filmic A-Z as part of her research.


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