TaPRA 2017 screening of ‘The Trainee Voice: speaking with the A-Z’ short documentary at Salford University

The University of Salford’s School of Arts and Media hosted this years TaPRA conference, with a vast array of papers and gallery exhibitions from international contributorS.

The Theatre & Performance Research Association (TaPRA) exists in order to facilitate research through and into theatre and performance. It is based on collegiality with a formal structure that intends to advance informal, productive and dynamic research networks (TaPRA 2017).

This year, Stacie was lucky enough to have her documentary – made in collaboration with the digital performer team – chosen to be one of two film screenings in the TaPRAgallery2017 curated by Ali Matthews.

At the close of our filming process, we initiated a group discussion amongst the 6 trainees in order for them to reflect on their experiences of physical training and the project. This developed from a casual round up into a rich 90-minute exchange of ideas, philosophies and personal manifestos. This discussion has then been interspersed with shots from the practical studio sessions resulting in this proposed documentary.

‘The Trainee Voice: speaking with the A-Z’ (working title) examines the relationship between training process and performance and includes provocations for others interested in actor training.


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