An introduction to the Physical Actor Training A-Z

The Physical Actor Training online A-Z is a foundational digital resource created by actor trainers Paul Allain and Frank Camilleri with filmmakers Peter Hulton and Stacie Lee Bennett, and trainees from the University of Kent. For students, practitioners and teachers, the A-Z explores physical actor training through film, text, audio and image. The website will include contextualisation of exercises, how they relate to physical acting and performance, suggested further reading, interviews with trainers and trainees plus more in depth examination of certain terms.

The A-Z will be published by Methuen Bloomsbury Drama in 2018 as part of Drama Online (


*Please be aware that this material is work in progress and sound levels and content are not finalised.

What is Physical Actor Training?

This training practice prioritises movement, voice and the body rather than character or text-based approaches to making performance and preparing the actor.

Why will this resource be different?

The resource will include the student voice, showing the learning process. It will highlight challenges and how to work with them to develop your own practice. It will apply innovative approaches to filming with the exploratory use of digital tools in a studio environment.

Why is this test material and survey necessary?

This project aims to provide teachers, trainees and practitioners a foundational resource for the pursuit of Physical Actor Training that is adaptable to their own practices. In receiving feedback from those who might use the resource, we hope to incorporate some of their varying needs and requirements in the next stage of development.

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